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Ethical issues abound in adoption, and there are several groups that have made it their mission to admit members who conform to certain standards (like the Joint Council on International Children's Issues - JCICS), and others like Ethica, which "...is a nonprofit corporation that seeks to be an impartial voice for ethical adoption practices worldwide, and provides education, assistance, and advocacy to the adoption and foster care communities."

The authors of the Encyclopedia of Adoption write, "The idea that it is acceptable to do anything in order to adopt a child, particularly an infant, is a disturbing issue and a problem in contemporary society..." and some of the hot topics on their list include:

  • baby buying/selling
  • surrogacy
  • reproductive technologies
  • transracial adoption
  • adoption costs
  • financial assistance to placing parents
  • for-profit vs non-profit agencies
  • international adoption
  • open adoption
  • open adoption records
  • wrongful adoption
  • access to children's records


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